Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A [not so] small victory for Pretoria

AfriForum wins Tshwane battle

In which Afriforum bitch-slapped a very deserving SABC for behaving like a d00s:

"Pretoria - Civil rights movement AfriForum on Tuesday said it welcomed the ruling by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) over its complaint against the SABC.

AfriForum had complained to the BCCSA that the public broadcaster referred to Pretoria as Tshwane in television news bulletins.

"The ruling is a victory for all the people in the country who promote mutual respect among communities," said AfriForum chief executive officer Kallie Kriel.

The BCCSA has found that Tshwane has not been registered as a place name on the official database of the South Africa Geographical Names System. It also found that no legal basis existed upon which the city may be referred to as Tshwane.

AfriForum based its complaint on the fact that no other cities were called by their municipal names.

Kriel said the SABC would not be fined, and the commission was not imposing any action - unless the use of Tshwane when referring to Pretoria was repeated.

"The ruling stands. Should the SABC continue referring to Pretoria as Tshwane, they will be liable to a fine," he said."

Hats off to Afriforum for exposing the SABC's masters' utter disregard for the law and the contempt with which it views the very people who built the offices they dictate their vitriol from.

Let's hope they can keep this momentum going and achieve the really, extremely important victories like the right to an own education body and the right to hold views different from the mainstream.

The SABC was so obviously wrong in its conduct that it is actually surprising that the case carried on as long as it did. What worries me though is the thought that there might be numerous more cases of this misconduct that no-one has picked up on.

You don't have to like our funny accent or our conservative views, but you have to admit that we are formidable when we take the time to apply ourselves.

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